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Kitchen Design


Thorrington, Essex, UK

The Challenge

The clients wish was to bring the same standard of living to the frail and elderly as one would expect to find in a first class luxury hotel. Their kitchen design and service area needed to suit this demanding expectation, offering a solution to prepare food to the highest quality and consistency.

Our Solution

We completed a kitchen design to fulfill these high expectations. Within the kitchen area we included a state of the art rational self Cooking centre which would deliver a quality consistent result using fresh foods, that could retain the natural nutrients contained within the foods using various cooking processes, including steaming, grilling, combined steam and dry heat, convection cooking and slow cooking. Preparation areas were installed considering separation of raw and cooking food areas avoiding any possible cross contamination of raw and cooked foods. Heated mobile cabinets where supplied, to service the many areas of the home incorporating a room service operation.


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