Our Process

From the first call to completion, the design of our installations is a co-operative process between our professional staff and the client.

From the initial meeting with our sales staff, the client’s needs and visions are translated into exciting reality using our state-of-the-art CAD design software.

Understanding our customers needs and delivering on this is only possible by using the best quality equipment.
At ChefLogic we understand the need to offer solutions using equipment that not only delivers quality and consistent results but to do it whilst saving on the major costs such as labor, product and energy.

Consultation stage

From our initial meeting with our clients our sales & project team will draw out as much information as possible to understand and offer the best solution to fit the needs of our clients business. this requires an understanding of everything from the covers requiring service to the product being delivered to their customer.

Design stage

Once we have an understanding of the client’s needs we go on to translate this information into exciting reality using our state of the art CaD drawing software.

We can produce 2D and 3D drawings as well as rendered visuals bringing our designs to life, helping our clients to see the ideas taking shape. As well as liaising closely with the client throughout the entire project we maintain a close working relationship with the client’s architect, monitoring and responding to any changes in the proposed layout.


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